The Legal Rights of an Injured Child

Christopher Keane
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California Child Abuse and Child Injury Lawyer
Broken Trust:  Abuse, Neglect and Molestation

As parents, we work tirelessly to provide for the safety and well-being of our children. The job, joy, or obligation of being a parent is not limited to the hours of 9 to 5, or certain days a week. Whether a parent is supervising the child, or earning money in the workplace to provide for the child, the goal and purpose of most parents are the same which are to raise and support the child in an environment that promotes the child’s education, health, well-being, and last, but not least, the child’s safety. While parents would like to have a 24/7 watch and protection over their children, this just is not practical in this day and age. Furthermore, as children grow older through elementary school and beyond, it is just part of the maturity process for children to slowly learn about independence and responsibility. Unfortunately and tragically, children are the subject to acts of abuse and neglect by other adults, other children, and even so-called trustworthy people charged with the very responsibility of supervising children including but not limited to teachers, childcare providers, coaches, neighbors, relatives, and others.

This book titled Broken Trust – Abuse, Neglect, and Molestation – Legal Rights of the Injured Child was written for parents seeking answers and information when a child suffers personal injuries as a result of acts involving abuse, neglect, and/or molestation. The issues and challenges of dealing with the aftermath the physical and/or emotional injuries to a child are many in number. They range from medical treatment to insurance issues to financial issues to legal issues and beyond. Certainly, a child is in no position to handle these matters on his or her own. Furthermore, a parent, who often has limited experience in dealing with insurance and legal matters, is not in a very good position to advocate effectively for the child. This book provides information to parents to educate them as to some of the issues and questions that arise when a child suffers significantly in the form of physical and/or emotional injuries.

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