A Guide for Parents Taking Legal Action for Failure to Report Child Abuse

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Little Kids in Big Cases: Failure to Report Child Abuse

Our entire system of child protection is based on child protective workers receiving investigative reports of abuse provided by members of the community. Mandated reporters who fail to uphold their duty to protect abused children can be held legally responsible for the injuries a child receives.

Who Is a Mandated Reporter of Child Abuse?

Anyone who comes in contact with abused children is legally allowed to make a report of the child abuse or suspected child abuse to child protective services or the police.  However, people who regularly work with children such as doctors, teachers, school employees and daycare providers are considered mandated reporters.

The law requires mandated reporters to immediately make a report of suspected abuse by phone, then submit a written report within 36 hours. Child protective services workers use this information to launch an investigation and take appropriate action to ensure the child's safety.

Protecting Your Child's Rights

A mandated reporter who fails to report child abuse has broken the law. A failure to take action exposes a child to the risk of serious injury, permanent disability, or death. Taking legal action for failure to report child abuse protects your child's rights while helping to ensure that other innocent children aren't victimized by similar inaction.

Little Kids in Big Cases: Failure to Report Child Abuse provides free information to families of children who have been abused or neglected, as well as those who have been injured or show signs of abuse in the past. Questions answered include:

  • What are the most important statutory laws for child abuse reporting in California?
  • Which individual mandated reporters are required to report suspected child abuse?
  • What are the laws that allow a child to sue for failure to report child abuse?
  • Why is it important for my child to be able to sue the mandated reporter?
  • What important things should be considered when there is a case involving failure to report child abuse?

Request this free book to learn more about your legal options, and call us with any questions at (888) 592-KIDS. The Keane Law Firm is dedicated to holding responsible those people who are required but fail to uphold their responsibility to report suspected abuse or neglect in a timely manner—before a child is abused further, catastrophically injured, or killed.

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