Your Free Guide to the Legal Rights of Children in Car Accidents

Christopher Keane
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California Child Abuse and Child Injury Lawyer
Little Kids in Big Cases: Car Crashes

Warning: Read This Book Before You Hire A Lawyer Or Speak to the Insurance Company about your child who was injured in a car accident

Our book sells for $14.95 plus postage but we will send it to you for FREE if you act NOW!

Our FREE GUIDE explains the basic auto accident law for children in easy to understand language. You will easily educate yourself and eliminate hours of stress, confusion, and uncertainty simply by reading this book.

The Book reveals:

  • Why you need a lawyer for your injured child when dealing with the insurance company
  • How to protect your child from insurance companies and investigators who don't share your child's best interests
  • How to protect your injured child's settlement or judgment
  • How to make a claim for payment of your child's medical bills
  • How to make sure your injured child is taken care of if something happens to you
  • How quickly you need to file a claim or lawsuit for your injured child

Our FREE GUIDE explains the secret deadlines that will destroy your case if you delay in hiring a lawyer. It also reveals why you NEED to find a lawyer who is the best fit for you, your child and your family and the crucial questions that you should ask before you hire a lawyer for your injured child.

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