The Keane Law Firm Gives Back to Children:

The Keane Law Firm will donate up to 25% of our its net attorney fees on child abuse and child injury cases to child abuse prevention, child health and child safety charities in California. If you have a children's charity that you would like to have us consider supporting, please contact our firm. Our accountants will verify the name and certification of your charity, and we will provide you with written confirmation when a donation has been made.

We feel strongly that child abuse prevention and child injury prevention is critically important to our society. While our firm usually gets asked to help after a tragedy has occurred to a child or family, we also want to help do what we can to make sure these tragedies don't happen to other children in the future. That's why we give back. It really is true. Prevention is cheap. Abuse and injury are expensive.

Christopher Keane
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