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Christopher Keane
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California Child Abuse and Child Injury Lawyer

Most schools are places to be honored.  Most school administrators and teachers are heroes.   And most children have nothing but great memories of their schools and teachers.

But sometimes terrible things happen at schools.  Preventable injuries.  Avoidable attacks.  Innocence tragically lost.

Schools are the front-line protectors of our children.  Parents have to trust schools to protect their children.  Schools must do everything that is reasonable to protect the children in their care.  When schools fail to act reasonably, when school districts violate the law and when their negligence causes injury, attacks or death, children have legal rights.  If a child you know has been injured at school (daycare, kindergarten, middle school or high school), the child has legal rights under California law and you can contact the Keane Law Firm to help that child. 

The Keane Law Firm wants you to know you that your child injured at school has legal rights.  The following California cases have ruled that children must be protected in school.  Under California law, a school has a responsibility to provide adequate supervision.  (Dailey v Los Angeles Unified School District (1970), 2 Cal.3d 741, 749-750; Hoyem v Manhattan Beach City School District, (1978), 22 Cal.3d 508, 513)   Although a school district is not an insurer of its pupils' safety, California cases have long established that a school district bears a legal duty to exercise reasonable care in supervising students in its charge and may be held liable for injuries proximately caused by the failure to exercise such care.  (Brownell v Los Angeles Unified School District (1992), 4 Cal.App.4th 787, 795-796)  Where a school fails to provide supervision and an injury results from conduct that would not have occurred had supervision been provided, liability may be imposed.  (Thompson v Sacramento City Unified School District (2003), 107 Cal.App.4th 1352, 1372)

Common school injuries include bus accidents, sports injuries, playground injuries, sexual assaults, shaken baby syndrome, abusive head trauma, burns, cuts, eye injuries and broken bones, head injuries and brain injuries and brain damage from falls.  Also, school violence can result in severe injury, sexual assault or death.  Contact the Attorney Christopher Keane and Keane Law Firm to help a child who has been servely injured in any manner at school.  

California school and daycare injury lawyers are available to help if you know a child who has been injured at school or daycare.  The Keane Law Firm has been recognized as having an AV rating - the highest legal ability and ethics rating available, and Christopher Keane has been rated as one of the leading plaintiff's lawyers and attorneys in America as a "tireless advocate for injured children".  Contact him today to see if he can help your child.