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Traumatic brain injury is a common but devastating injury.  It often occurs after severe car or truck accidents, or other severe trauma to the brain.

A child with a traumatic brain injury, sometimes known by TBI, will have medical bills which need to be paid, and may need home health care, attendant care, special support for the family and may need special rehabilitation.  This includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and vocational rehabilitation.  Traumatic brain injury, TBI or any form of brain damage in a child can place a family under tremendous stress - both financial stress from medical bills and emotional stress from taking care of the child 24 hours a day.

Unpaid medical bills may be mounting on your family's stack of mail and bills, and the child with traumatic brain injury or other form of brain damage may need around the clock home nursing care to keep clean, healthy and as happy as possible.  The parents or guardians of the child with the injured brain, or other family members who take care of a child with damage to the brain, may need a break from caring for the injured child.  This is known as respite care.  Where can a parent or guardian turn if they need help with medical bills?  If they need help taking care of the child with a traumatic brain injury or brain damage?  If they need to get some respite care?

Christopher Keane, a California personal injury lawyer and attorney for children with traumatic brain damage, brain injuries, TBI and other forms of brain damage and his law firm will help a child get his or her medical bills paid, and get attendant and respite care for the family.

Do you know what kind of traumatic brain injury your child has - closed or open?  

Does your injured child have a coup brain injury?  Does your child have a contre coup brain injury?  Click here to find out what coup brain injury and contrecoup brain injury mean.

Your child has been diagnosed with a focal brain injury?  

Most traumatic brain injuries are from car accidents, or truck accidents.  A child may suffer head injury and brain damage from impact as low as 4 mph if unrestrained, depending on what his or her head hits.  Thorough evaluation for closed head trauma is indicated for children involved in car accidents and other traumatic events.

You should contact Christopher Keane, a personal injury lawyer for children with traumatic brain injury immediately with your questions.  Christopher Keane has been rated as one of the leading plaintiff's lawyers in America as a "tireless advocate for injured children".  Contact him today to see if he can help your child. 

The Keane Law Firm and You

The Keane Law Firm has the experience and resources to handle a variety of childhood injury cases.  While Attorney Christopher Keane and The Keane Law Firm focus on cases from San Francisco and the State of California, they may also accept worthy cases from other states.  If your child or the child of somebody you know has been the victim of a serious injury, we can work with you to hold the responsible parties accountable for their negligence.

No matter where your child’s injury occurred, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-cost evaluation of your case.  And remember, if you are a professional referring a case to us, 25% of our fee will be donated to the charity of your choice.  Contact Attorney Christopher Keane and The Keane Law Firm today, and we can help you seek justice for the injury done to your child.