California Child Injury and Child Abuse Lawyer

If your child is injured due to someone else’s negligence, abuse, or recklessness, you may be eligible for compensation for medical bills, rehabilitation, long-term care, and other expenses. Contact our firm to get help from an experienced personal injury attorney.

Fail to Report Child AbuseFail to Report Child Abuse

In California, it is important and possible to hold people called "mandated reporter" and the corporations which employ them legally liable for their role in failure to prevent child abuse.  Professionals are required to report suspected abuse pursuant to the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act, and their employers are encouraged to provide not only training for them, but are required to ensure that they acknowledge their responsibility to be a mandated reporter, too.    Find the best California child abuse lawyer for your child abuse and neglect case, and make sure that you know as much as you can about your child's legal rights in a California child abuse lawsuit for failure to report child abuse and neglect by a mandated reporter.

California Shaken Baby SyndromeCalifornia Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaken baby syndrome or abusive head trauma is a life-threatening condition that has severe and life-long consequences for injured children. The permanent neurological damage that results from a child being shaken can cause blindness, hearing loss, developmental delays, behavioral problems, seizures, and other long-term health problems. Families can suffer greatly, too, as suddenly a once-healthy child requires constant medical or behavioral support.


The Keane Law Firm would like families of shaken baby syndrome victims to know that they are not alone. Our experienced attorneys are here to represent injured children in civil court, so that they can recover damages from the negligent party. Contact our offices for the legal support that your child needs.


Daycare InjuriesDaycare Injuries

When you place your children in a daycare facility, you expect the employees and staff to ensure their safety. When a childcare provider is negligent and your child is seriously hurt, a personal injury lawsuit can help your family recover the costs of emergency treatment, follow-up medical care, and even compensation for the pain and suffering your child experienced.


If your child has been injured while at a daycare facility or by a nanny, babysitter, or other childcare provider, seek help from an experienced attorney who understands the needs of injured children and their families. Reach out to Keane Law Firm today.

Spinal Cord InjuriesSpinal Cord Injuries

The life of a child can be changed forever after suffering a spinal cord injury. Car crashes, diving accidents, sports injuries, violence, or even a bad fall could result in a life-long impairment leading to sensory loss, mobility issues and motor deficits, paralysis, and even developmental delays or behavioral problems.


If you are the parent or guardian of a child who has suffered a severe spinal cord injury, it’s important to be aware that children have a legal right to compensation for their injuries, and you can get help paying for medical bills, rehabilitation, physical therapy, medical equipment, and the life-long medical care that severe spinal cord injuries sometimes require. To get legal help for your injured child, reach out to Keane Law Firm.

Traumatic Brain InjuriesTraumatic Brain Injuries

Young children are especially vulnerable to traumatic brain injuries, or TBI, particularly when involved in car accidents or other violent trauma. A TBI can seriously alter a child’s life, resulting in the need for behavioral care, speech therapy, physical rehabilitation, and other life-long medical support needs. The consequences for the family can be devastating, as well as, the time, energy, and expense of taking care of a seriously injured child can be extensive, leaving parents emotionally drained and financially unstable.

Keane Law Firm is here to help injured children and their families seek relief in a court of law for the costs of traumatic brain injuries caused by accident, abuse, or other trauma. To find out more about how the law may be able to help your family, we’re here to answer your legal questions about child TBI. Reach out to our firm today, and get the help your family deserves

Wrongful DeathWrongful Death

Parents want to do the best that they can to protect their young ones from harm, and no parent ever dreams about outliving their child. It’s a tragedy that so many preventable accidents continue to take the lives of children, leaving families devastated and full of questions that may never be answered. However, if a child’s death was caused by the negligence of a person, company, or institution, the family may be eligible to receive compensation in a court of law with a wrongful death lawsuit.

Keane Law Firm is dedicated to helping the parents and guardians of children who have been lost in preventable accidents. This may include payment for the costs of medical bills, funeral expenses, pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and even punitive damages in some cases.

School InjuriesSchool Injuries

When a school or daycare fails to provide adequate supervision and reasonable care, children can be seriously hurt. Sports injuries, playground injuries, sexual assault, various forms of school violence, and other forms of negligence can all result in catastrophic and life-changing injuries.

Recovering damages from a school district can be very complicated. However, the Keane Law Firm understands both the steps that need to be taken to protect your child and what is at stake for your child. This law firm only represents children and is dedicated to helping kids get the fair recoveries that they deserve to protect their futures. For more information about how the Keane Law Firm can help your child, please contact us via this website or by phone for a free and confidential consultation.

Foster Care InjuriesFoster Care Injuries

Foster parents are supposed to keep foster children safe. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen and some foster children suffer from serious injuries or abuse. These children need help. That starts with someone they know reporting the suspected abuse or injury, so that a complete investigation can be done so that child can be protected.

Is that person you? If you suspect that a foster care child is being hurt, abused, or neglected, then we encourage you to call the Keane Law Firm. Our firm will speak to you confidentially and represent an abused, neglected or injured foster care child at no cost to the child or to you. To learn more, please contact us via this website or by phone today.

Child AbuseChild Abuse

Child abuse is devastating. As your child is suffering physically and psychologically, you must make difficult decisions about how to protect your child’s legal and financial rights. California law protects your child, and an experienced child abuse lawyer can help you through the complex process of making a recovery for an abuse or neglect injury.

The Keane Law Firm is committed to helping children who have been hurt by abuse or neglect. Our firm will help you each step of the way—from your initial reporting, to your child’s recovery. Please contact us any time to schedule a free and confidential meeting with an experienced attorney.

California Child Injury LawyerCalifornia Child Injury Lawyer

California Child Injury Lawyer 

As a parent in California, you sometimes have to trust others to take care of your children. When those people fail to act with reasonable care or when your child is hurt by someone else’s negligence, then your child has a right to bring a California child injury lawsuit. It is important to know that California child injury cases are different than cases for adults.


Christopher Keane and The Keane Law Firm focus only on child injury cases. Christopher Keane is an award winning, nationally recognized trial lawyer who has recovered tens of millions of dollars for abused and injured California children, and tens of millions more for children nationwide. Our firm understands how catastrophic a California childhood injury can be, and we are dedicated to helping kids who have been hurt. For more information, or to schedule a free and confidential consultation, please contact us any time via this website or by phone.


A child’s burn injury can result in significant pain, permanent disfigurement, and even death. Burn injuries are complex. In order to help your child get the right care and a fair recovery, you will need to know what caused the burn and who is legally responsible.

The Keane Law Firm understands how tragic a burn injury can be and is committed to helping your child get the full recovery allowed by California law. Please contact this law firm today to learn more about your child’s rights and about how we can help your child during this difficult time.

Dog BitesDog Bites

When a child is bitten by a dog, the consequences can be devastating. Children are three times more likely than adults to sustain serious injuries from dog bites. When dog owners fail to take responsibility for raising, socializing, and supervising their pets, dangerous dog bites are often the result. Fortunately, dog bite victims can get help from experienced legal professionals.

The Keane Law Firm understands how these tragic dog attacks often occur, and we are dedicated to seeking justice for your child’s injuries. For more information, contact our San Francisco office today by calling 888-592-KIDS (5437).

Car AccidentCar Accident

When your child is injured in a vehicle accident, you must act quickly to protect his rights. Start by immediately consulting with a California car accident attorney to secure representation for your injured child, and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

At the Keane Law Firm, we have the experience and expertise to handle a variety of childhood injury cases. We’re dedicated to helping injured children experience a fast and full recovery. For more information, contact our San Francisco office today by calling 888-592-KIDS (5437).

Bike AccidentBike Accident

As a parent, you may find your child’s bicycle accident injury to be overwhelming and scary. It is your job to help your child recover, but you don’t have to do it alone. The Keane Law Firm only represents children who have been injured or tragically killed by other people’s negligence. Our firm can investigate what happened to your child and hold the appropriate people accountable for the injuries that your child has suffered.

Here, you can learn how most children are injured on bikes and how to help your child prevent an injury when possible. Some injuries, however, can’t be prevented by you or your child. If your child has been hurt by someone else’s negligence, then please contact our law office today.