In Illinois, Cops, DCFS investigate death of 4-month-old Mount Prospect girl | Daycare Injury

Anna Belle reportedly suffered unknown injuries at a day care center in the 4200 block of Crimson Drive in Hoffman Estates, according to the medical examiner's office. Police described the building at the Crimson Drive address as a residence.
"I don't have any comments right now," said a male who answered the telephone at the child's home Sunday afternoon.
Police reportedly went to the day care center at 10:19 a.m. on Wednesday after paramedics were called because of a baby not breathing and not awake, said Hoffman Estates Police spokesman Darin Felgenhauer. Police are investigating Anna Belle's death, but Felgenhauer declined to say anything else about the circumstances because it is under investigation.

Hoffman Estates Mayor Bill McLeod said the child was unconscious inside the private residence which is also a daycare facility.“There was no outward signs of trauma’’ on the child, McLeod said.  

The mayor reportedly said he did not know who found the child or where in the residence she was found.

No one else reportedly was hurt, McLeod said.

An autopsy was reportedly not performed Sunday but is scheduled for Monday, according to a spokesman for the medical examiner's office.
Department of Children and Family Services spokesman Jimmie Whitelow said the agency is investigating allegations that the child was abused at an unlicensed daycare center at the Crimson Drive address.
"DCFS has had prior contact with the alleged perpetrator on an unfounded allegation of abuse in May of 2010 for a different child," Whitelow said.
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