In Iowa, Daycare Provider Accused of Abuse Still Watching Children, Pending Ruling | Day Care Injury

An Iowa City daycare provider ordered to shutter her business in January after a family reported their 3-month-old child was significantly injured in her care is continuing to watch children pending a judge’s ruling on a temporary injunction.

“My doors are open, and I do have some children,” said Lisa Koplin, 35, of Iowa City, who is not facing criminal charges in the case. “All the families are being supportive.”

Koplin’s attorney Natalie Cronk said it’s unclear when a judge will rule on the state’s request for a temporary injunction to remain in place on Koplin’s Tattle Tales Daycare, 1009 Sandusky Drive in Iowa City.

“But she is currently permitted to watch children in a limited context,” said Cronk said.

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