In Kansas, Debbie’s Daycare has been closed by authorities pending the results of a death investigation involving an infant girl that suffered deadly internal injuries. The Merriam daycare will not be providing day care services until police finish their investigation. The baby’s mother, Alecia Boone, left her daughter at the daycare on Saturday afternoon and received a call that evening telling her the baby would not wake up. According to news stories, the mother arrived to find her daughter limp and cold. News stories also report that the baby was taken emergently to Children’s Mercy Hospital and found to have a severely injured liver. The baby died the next morning.  

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Kellie 06/22/2009 11:35 PM
I cannot beleve what is being said about Debbie's Daycare. Debbie was the most caring and devoted daycare provider I have ever met. I never had any problems with anyone there. That Beers lady is so full of it and just trying get attention. They were always attentive to the children. They noted everything that happened, every time my children ate and every time they wet a diaper. I think these allegations are proposterous and unjust. Maybe everyone should get the facts before they start ruining someone else's life. Debbie provided the best daycare around and I can't wait for them to reopen.
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Sasha Carter (Aniyah's paternal Aunt) 07/28/2009 04:56 PM
As a nurse its obvious what happened and Debbie is trying to cover up something that has been said and proved, but I guess you wouldn't know that on the outside looking in. I'm sure she was all of what she claimed to be but state evidence says they've arrived at the house and Debbie was not a her place of business to care for the children and another time she was sleep. Say whatever but we know what happened!!!
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Karol 09/20/2009 02:23 PM
Debbie is one of the best people i have ever met! She provided beyond excellent care, a loving, caring, and learning environment, not only that, she helped so many parents, whether it be gas toilet paper, financially, food, etc. She loves and cares for kids like they are her own- everyone is like family. Nobody wishes a death of a child on any parent or family member - it's truly sad, but Debbie did not cause this. Why does everyone feel the need to attack her and put the blame on her????? It's ridiculous!! She really cared about her, she wished she had gotten a chance to talk with the family, but she was told she couldn't. Aniyah is loved and heartfelt prayers go out to her family and to Debbie and her family.
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Alecia Boone 11/16/2009 09:56 PM
If Debbie was such a heart felt woman and such a lovely worker then why was her daughter bridgett & debbie placed on the child abuse & neglect registry behind my daughter's death. i have years of records on debbie proving to be a neglect daycare provider & this current situation is debbie's fault my daughter died in her care & she lied about the cause of death & even change her story on numourous occassions. Reopen she will NOT! The part about her wanting to speak to the family & she was told not to..........was a damn lie! She decided herself not to speak to us.....probably because she was many things you parents do not know about her at all but pretty soon everything will be known & i will make sure of that just like I will make sure that she never has another daycare in the state of kansas..........this is not right of what happened to my daughter & i will get justice regardless of what clueless supporters she has!
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