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We found Daycare Dangers is a problem without boundaries.  It’s not only in the City, but also in the suburbs.  It’s in private homes and big fancy centers.
In one example, we found video of an assault inside Mary Margaret Daycare and Learning Center in South City.  It shows the aftermath of a childcare worker who called her brother to settle a score with another worker.  The assault played out right in front of the kids.  You can see a man slam a daycare worker to the floor and grab a chair to smash her with it.  Kids appear to to watch everything, yet they’re virtually ignored until the melee ends.  The daycare director and another worker later whisk them away.
That January, 2012 at Mary Margaret on 4040 S Broadway.  It was one of 10 violations Missouri investigators documented since 2011, including two different teachers who ‘got into it’ in front of the kids.  Inspection reports describe one teacher performing a mock exorcism yelling to ‘get the demons out’ of a teacher she didn`t like.
(Reporter confrontation) My name’s Chris Hayes with Fox 2.  I want to talk with you about your inspection reports.
(Director) What inspection reports?
(Hayes) Somebody who reads these might think this is a violent and hostile place.
(Director) (pause) I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re getting your information from the wrong side of the street.
(Hayes) From the State of Missouri licensing. (Director) And I’m asking you to please leave my property.
Mother Jen Ladlie sensed something was wrong with an Overland daycare, but she never imagined what we showed her in the inspection reports.
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