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In Nevada reportedly every child care facility is checked twice a year. The big ones – four times.

“The main thing we look for is that health and safety standards are being met,” Inspector Anna Lisa Acosta said.

There are more than 40 rules they have to be in compliance with. Acosta says most places do well, but they are a few common violations:

“Rations is a big one, sign in sheet is a big one. Parents forgetting to sign in and out,” she said.

Meaning there may be are too many kids in a classroom or the facilities can't properly keep track of which children are there. Inspectors are also looking at how the workers educated the kids. That even carries over to the baby's room - where day care workers are supposed to monitor how the kids are learning to stand up.

“Children learn and grow at every single age. Every single every level,” Acosta said.

With all concerns like that, inspectors would then have a conversation with the staff. And most of the time when an error is found, it's corrected on the spot.

If you live in Washoe County and want to see check a particular facility’s inspection record, log onto:

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