In Oklahoma, Day Care Workers Face Abuse Charges Over Hot Sauce Incident | Day Care Injury

Two daycare workers in Oklahoma are reportedly under arrest for allegedly giving hot sauce to a toddler. Rosie Hicks and Tracy Owens have been charged
with child abuse.
Court documents say the women reportedly deliberately fed a 13-month-old habanero sauce and didn’t give him anything to drink when his mouth started burning. People who take their kids to the daycare say they’re reportedly shocked.
“Shocked, totally shocked,” said grandparent Brenda Chafin.
Human Services workers reportedly alerted police to the incident and that sparked a police investigation. Investigators watched surveillance video of the incident and says Hicks laughs as the boy cries in pain.
Court documents say that Tracy Owens reportedly told police she left the day care and went to a nearby grocery store and  bought the habanero sauce. Owens says Hicks advised her to buy the sauce and she’s not sure why she went along with it.
When police reportedly interviewed Hicks, she admitted to everything. She says she knew it was wrong but she did it because of stress at work.
Some parents say there’s no excuse.
“If you don’t like your job, don’t work there you know? said parent, Kaitlin Chaffin. “Don’t take it out on little kids.”
Chafin’s mother reportedly agrees.
“When you leave your child with some place like that, you are trusting those people to take as good a care of them,” said Brenda Chafin.

The boy’s grandfather reportedly says the child was at the school about four months before the incident happened. He now attends a different daycare.

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