In Oregon, Grants Pass Man Arrested for Alleged Child Sexual Abuse | Daycare Injury

Reportedly, around 10am Wednesday, Josephine County Sheriff's deputies arrested this man, 61 year-old Tommy J. Dunn for alleged child sexual abuse.  Dunn is reportedly accused of inappropriately touching three little girls, all of them five years old or younger at this home on Rounds Avenue.  Initial reports of abuse surfaced on March 7th at the Almost Home Pre-School and child care facility in Grants Pass.   The suspect, Tommy Dunn, is the husband of Cheryl, the person that runs Almost Home, which has been open since February of 2009.  Authorities say the business owner's husband molested the children on multiple occasions.  We attempted to speak with Dunn's wife.  But she was not up to answering questions.
 But reportedly neighbors say they are stunned.
 "I'd be shocked, but you never can tell. Pedophiles look like your next door neighbors," says Lynn Viscetto.

Viscetto reportedly says her neighbors, Tom and Cheryl, have always been kind to her and her kids. 

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