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Laura K. Baldwin, owner of Laura Baldwin Family Childcare in Clearfield, is reportedly charged with aggravated assault for allegedly shaking a 5-month-old boy in her care and causing a traumatic brain injury.

Smith asked police to be present while she interviewed Baldwin.
During the interview, Baldwin said she was in the kitchen making waffles for the other children in the house and came into the living room and saw the boy on the floor fussing. She said she had left him in his car seat but he was now on the floor. Baldwin said she asked a 4-year-old girl who was in the room with him if she had picked him up and the girl said she had.

Baldwin said she picked up the boy and said, "Baby are you OK?" but the child's eyes rolled back into his head. She picked up one of his arms but it just dropped. She attempted to feed him with a bottle but the milk began coming out of his nose and she said she knew something was wrong.
When asked if she called 911, Baldwin said no, she instead called the boy's mother and she responded promptly, and since another adult, Cindy Hazel, was there, Baldwin went to the emergency room with the boy and his mother.

When asked, Baldwin said when she originally went into the kitchen she had left the children in the living room with Hazel but said she was not sure if Hazel was in the room when she returned. Baldwin said Hazel might have been in the bathroom but could not remember because she was so upset.

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