In South Carolina, Daycare Accused In Belt Incident Was Site of Previous Death | Day Care Injury

An Oconee County daycare owner is reportedly accused of taking one punishment too far.
Tracy Maxie, 42, owner of Maxie Mom’s Daycare faces charges of unlawful conduct toward a child.
“We had a parent bring in a child to the police department to file a report over suspected abuse that occurred at the daycare,” said Chief John Covington with the Seneca Police Department.
Investigators say a father filed an incident report after he noticed bruising on his son’s bottom that resembled belt marks.
The dad told officers, he picked up his four-year-old from daycare and was told his child was in trouble for sticking his hand down the pants of Maxie’s one-year-old granddaughter.   
The police report states, Maxie used a belt to spank the boy for misbehaving.
“In this case, we feel that the line was crossed between discipline and a criminal act,” Covington says.
Authorities questioned Maxie about the incident.  She told police, she took the child to the office where he admitted what he did, he apologized, and then she took him back to his room.

South Carolina does not have a law that forbids corporal punishment.  Police say it’s up to the business or school to make their own policy.

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