In Tennessee, a fire broke out at day care center previously licensed under the name of Heavenly Angels day care. One child remains hospitalized at Vanderbilt Medical Center for facial burns after being rescued by Assistant Police Chief Kevin Sugg.

In Tennessee, the Heavenly Angels day care allegedly owned by Kathy Humphrey allegedly has a poor track record for violating state guidelines and regulations. According to news stories, last year the day care was put on probation for violating staffing ratios four times, a baby died while unsupervised, subsequent day care licensure application was denied for re-opening, someone was found to be illegally running a day care in the same building afterwards, a restraining order was placed on Donna Cathey, Kathy Humphrey and Torrii Blakemore that prohibited operation of a day care without a license and the latest, a fire broke out in a the day care building with children inside and no adult supervision was present when a rescuer entered the building. Now a child remains in Vanderbilt Medical Center with facial burns. A faulty space heater near the play area is thought to be the source of the fire. Alamo police are investigating the matter.  

Were it not for off-duty Assistant Police Chief Kevin Sugg driving by and seeing smoke coming from the day care, lives may have been lost. Facial burns and smoke inhalation of several victims were the injuries reported to the press. The children were between the ages of 3 and 4 years-old and allegedly unsupervised when they were rescued by officer Sugg. The day care building sits on a piece of property near a home owned by Donna Cathey.    

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