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The Department of Social Services reportedly says they are investigating a complaint against Rejoice Christian Center Daycare – a facility that cares for children with special needs.
Five-year-old Zayante Greene loves to play with his toy cars. He also loves his family especially his grandmother Selma Mitchell who right now can't bear the thought that her grandson was allegedly abused at day care.
"I was furious, I was ready to leave my job get in my car and go confront this woman because you to do this to a child is ridiculous," Mitchell said.
The family reportedly says they found out when social services paid them a visit this week by leaving this card at the door with a handwritten note on the back saying "give me a call".
"Someone called her anonymously and let her know that one of the teachers at the day care kicked him in the stomach and hit him on top of his head with a plastic bottle," said Zayante's mother, Nekeisha Greene.
Zayante's family reportedly says there were no marks on his body, no indication of physical pain.
But now this family is in pain and wants to get to the bottom of the allegations.

Reportedly, according to the DSS, this investigation is not the first. Records reportedly show back in 2007, a staff member at the day care got in trouble for inappropriately verbally reprimanding a child.

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