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A Mauston daycare provider reportedly faces felony charges related to injuries to a child in 2007.
A criminal complaint was reportedly filed in Juneau County Court on Wednesday against Stacy Hartje.  The charges include first degree reckless injury, physical abuse of a child, and first degree recklessly endangering safety.
The case reportedly goes back to June 7th, 2007 when Hartje called 911 to report a child was having a seizure.  The complaint says the three year child was later taken to a Madison hospital where emergency surgery was needed to reduce swelling in his brain.  The complaint also states that the surgery saved his life.
Hartje reportedly gave several different accounts of what happened that didn't explain what happened to the child according to the complaint.  It also said medical professionals who treated the child told investigators that the child had to have suffered injuries shortly before the 911 call and while the child was in Hartje's care.
She is reportedly due in Juneau County Court in Mauston on March 21st.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice is reportedly handling the prosecution of the case. 

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