Mygrandchild was in daycare when he was a baby. When I took him there, he had bruising. The daycare asked me about the bruising, and I told them I didn't know anything about it or how it happened. I found out later on it was my daughter's boyfriend, when he was arrested for shaking my baby. Is there anything the daycare should have done about that?

Yes.  Daycare providers are required by law to report signs of child abuse to child protective services.  Bruising in infants is always concerning.  Especially infants who are not able to move on their own yet - meaning they are too young to roll, crawl or walk.  Even toddlers who cruise can have bruising which is very suspicious.  If the daycare providers saw bruising which should have caused them to be suspicious - and it sounds like they were since they asked you about it - it should have ben reported to child protective services (CPS).
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