What can I do to prevent dog bites? | Dog bite attorney

  • Never stare at a dog in the eyes or put their faces up to a dog's face.
  • Never try to take something away from a dog.
  • Never go near a dog who is eating or drinking or chewing on something.
  • Never approach a dog  that is on a bed or furniture.
  • Never approach a dog that is tied up or in a vehicle.
  • Never try to pet a dog through a fence or in a crate.
  • Never climb over a fence into a dog's yard, even if the dog is usually friendly.
  • Never try to break up a dog fight or interact with dogs that are play fighting.
  • Leave dogs alone that are sleeping, resting, injured, very old or with puppies.
  • Teach your child about canine body language 
  • A safe dog is one that is panting, face happy looking and wagging his tail enthusiastically.
  • A dangerous dog has his mouth closed, ears forward, intense look.
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