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Signs of child abuse from Your Babysitter or Daycare Provider:

  • Your child becomes distraught when it’s time to be left with his caregiver. A little separation anxiety is normal, but if it’s extreme and ongoing, you may want to figure out what’s going on and look for a new provider.
  • Your child becomes increasingly moody or withdrawn or stops eating or sleeping. This could be a sign that something is bothering him, but he doesn’t know how (or is unable) to tell you.
  • You notice that the caregiver does not respond appropriately to your child — or does not respond at all.
  • Your caregiver won’t answer questions about the day’s activities or her interaction with your child while you are away — or her answers are inconsistent.
  • Your caregiver has lied to you, stolen from you or otherwise betrayed your trust.
  • You come home to find your child has not been adequately supervised or cared for – changed, fed, clothed, held.
  • Someone — a neighbor, another parent at the playground — has reported that your nanny has not been treating your child well or properly caring for him.
  • You just have a bad feeling.

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