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There are significant signs you should watch for within the child to determine if your child is being abused or has suffered an injury while in the care of a babysitter or at a daycare.   These signs include:

1.  If your child has been comfortable with the babysitter but that changes suddenly and the child is very reluctant to be left with the babysitter, there could be a reason why the child is behaving in that manner.

2.  Is your child leaving the babysitter with bruises when they haven't had them before? While it's normal for kids to get cuts and bruises when playing, when this occurs too much, it raises a red flag.

3.  A child that flinches when you raise you arms near the child, such as reaching for something that might be near the child.

4.  Abused children will often become withdrawn. If your child has been a loving and happy child and has recently become withdrawn, it could be from abuse.

There are several things parents can do if they suspect abuse. The first thing is immediately remove your child from the suspected babysitter. Take pictures of any bruises or suspicious marks on the child. Contact the police or child welfare department and file charges. Depending on the severity of the abuse, the child might need counseling. The important thing is that the babysitter is not allowed to care for any other kids and hurt them too.

If you suspect your child is being abused by the babysitter, take action quickly and get your kids away from the babysitter and alert the police and child welfare agency as to what is going on with that particular daycare provider.

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