A two year-old boy named Marcellus drowned in pool on Knollwood Court in Clinton Township.

News stories are reporting the drowning death of a toddler on June 20th, near 6:00 p.m at a home in Clinton Township. The young boy’s name was Marcellas. News stories did not provide the young boy’s full name, but did provide some details of this tragic accident.  

Several adults and children were at the home at the time of the incident. The boy was found drowned inside the in-ground pool by his mother’s boyfriend. The boyfriend removed the child from the pool.  

Adults at the home tried to transport the toddler in a private vehicle until they met up with EMS personnel as they were leaving the subdivision. Marcellas was taken to Henry Ford Hospital. He was pronounced dead after efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.  

An investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death is currently underway. An autopsy is expected to be completed by Monday by the Macomb County Medical Examiner.  


Because toddlers lack judgment about safety and environmental hazards, they are at high risk for injury and death. Drowning is the second highest cause of injury-related deaths in children between the ages of one and nine years old. Mortality rates secondary to drowning are three times higher for males. Approximately 78% of drowning victims are male.  

Toddlers are at a high risk of drowning because they do not have the developmental ability to swim, nor can they keep their heads above water, or know how to get out of water. Unlike adults, young children do not call out for help while in distress, they generally drown silently. Drowning may occur in very shallow water, including pails of liquid, toilets, bathtubs and baby pools. According to the CDC, children between the ages of one and four years of age are more likely to drown in swimming pools and hot tubs.  

Unlike adults, young children do not call out for help while in distress, they generally drown silently. Near-drowning accidents can result in permanent brain damage. For every child that drowns there are approximately five near-drowning episodes in children.  

To prevent death and injury from drowning, supervise toddlers at all times while they are playing in or near a pool. Stationary pools should have a locked fence around them. Never leave a toddler unsupervised in a bath tub. Supervision is very important, for this reason. Lapses in adult supervision, even while parents were home, are very common features of drowning accidents.


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