After shaken by her father when she was only 28 days old, a Colorado baby is now permanently blind in one eye and has limited mobility in one leg.  Thursday, July 9, father Christopther Dahl pled guilty to third-degree child abuse and was sentenced to six years in a community corrections facility for shaking the young girl.  To read more about this tragic incident of shaken baby syndrome, click here.

As an advocate for injured and abused children, shaken baby syndrome lawyer Chris Keane helps parents receive the medical care, financial resources, and community assistance their children need to recover from abusive head trauma.  If you believe that your child may be suffering a similar injury, contact Chris Keane of the Keane Law Firm for free resources and answers to your most important questions.  You may contact the Keane Law Firm online or call 1-888-592-KIDS.

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