The community of San Jose is in mourning. The family of two year-old Alexander Moran Cabrera are grieving his tragic and untimely death. Jose Luis Corona, Alexander’s stepfather, was leaving the apartment in the morning, like any other day, when tragedy, that will forever change his life, struck. News reports say that Mr. Corona was backing out of his parking spot unaware that young Alexander had opened the apartment door and was following behind when he wondered into the path of the moving pick-up truck. The accident occurred as Alexander’s mother was searching for him. Alexander was declared dead at the scene.

Back-over accidents are defined as an accident that occurs when a vehicle strikes or runs over a child while in reverse motion. Statistically, the majority of victims are male. The younger the child, the more likely the child is to sustain injury to the head, face and neck. Death may also occur, as happened in this sad tragedy. The degree of internal injury and fracture statistically decreases with the increased age of the victim. Children that are pedestrians are at six time’s greater risk of being a victim in back-over accidents than children riding tricycles or bicycles. The majority of back-over accidents generally occur at home in a driveway. The locations with second highest risk for back-over accidents are parking lots. The CDC reports that fifty percent of child fatalities related to back-over accidents occurred at home in the driveway.

We, the staff of The Keane Law Firm, join the San Jose community in offering the family of Alexander Moran Cabrera condolences as they grieve their tragic loss.     

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