It was reported today in the New York Daily News that Apple had removed the Shaken Baby application from its IPhone application list.  

Truthfully, when we read this, we found it unbelieveable that someone could even come up with the concept for something like this to begin with.  Then, to think that someone else approved it is beyond belief.  Anyone who has ever seen or cared for a child who has been affected by shaken baby syndrome, and witnessed what their little lives are like with irreversible brain damage - would not even begin to associate shaken baby syndrome with a joke, game, application or anything other than complete sadness.   Some things should never be suggested, or their gravity diminished by virtue of it being the subject of a joke.  Shaking a baby is one of those things.  The only good that can come from something like this is once again reminding people that it is never OK to shake a baby.  Contact the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center,  for further information on shaken baby syndrome and prevention of shaken baby syndrome.  Or, if someone you know is stressed about their childcare responsibilities and needs to talk to someone about it so that they don't shake and hurt their baby, have them call the TalkLine at (415) 441-KIDS.

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