Check out this link for another story of a courageous survivior of shaken baby syndrome, Braven Rose.   Braven's mother, Ce Ce Rose, reports that he couldn't walk, talk or eat for weeks and had bleeding in the frontal portion of his brain.  In relation to this shaken baby syndrome injury, the child's father, Michael Leach,under a reported plea agreement, will be sentenced to 1-5 years in prison and will have to register as a child abuser.  As Ce ce Rose mentions in this article, efforts at preventing shaken baby syndrome are critically important.  It is also important to analyze whether there are any people who witnessed preceding signs of abuse before a baby is critically shaken and failed to report the abuse to child protective services:  daycare providers, police officers, sheriffs departments, pediatricians.  It is well-known that children who are abused often suffer less significant injuries - bruises, welts, cuts, emotional neglect, verbal abuse - in the weeks or months leading up to a critical shaking injury.  While the perpetrators who shake a baby need to accept responsibility for their acts, so do others who see signs of abuse and fail to comply with the law that requires them to report the abuse to child protective services.

If you know or care for a survivior of shaken baby syndrome, and that survivor had signs of abuse before the critical shaking incident, contact the Keane Law Firm for free information about whether your survivor has legal rights which can be protected against people who saw the abuse and failed to report it. 

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