Confirming the assumptions around the U.S. that shaken baby syndrome and other cases of child abuse are rising in part due to the current economic pressures in the country, experts at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Tennessee claim that financial, environmental, and marital difficulties are putting pressure on families, leading to acts of “non-accidental trauma.”  To read more about the link between the current economic state and the rise in shaken baby cases, click here.

If you believe that your child may be suffering from shaken baby syndrome (formally called “abusive head trauma” to emphasize its severity), feel free to contact child injury and child abuse attorney Chris Keane with your most pressing questions.  As an advocate for victims of abusive head trauma, Keane will provide you with free information and help you find the best medical care for your child.  Contact Chris Keane via the web or call 1-888-592-KIDS.

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