Chris Keane invited to address Shaken Baby Syndrome Support Vigil 2011

Shaken baby syndrome attorney Chris Keane, who represents survivors of shaken baby syndrome, was invited to address the 5th Annual Shaken Baby Syndrome Support Network Vigil - a collection of  courageous survivors of shaken baby syndrome, their families and the families of those who have died as a result of shaken baby syndrome.  The vigil was located in Sarasota, Florida and was an inspirational event for everyone who attended.  Keane spoke to the survivors and families about their legal rights to hold not only the person who shook the child responsible in a civil lawsuit, but also other persons, government entities and companies who can be held responsible for failing to protect children under certain circumstances.  A civil lawsuit can help a survivor, or his/her family or the loved ones of a deceased child not only obtain necessary funds to pay for medical expenses, home health care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, someone to help with caring for the child around the house and transportation, but sometimes can be the best way to correct the injustice when the criminal justice system or a prosecutor is unable or unwilling to prosecute the person who shook the baby. 
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Catherine Paour 04/26/2011 06:43 PM
Hi Chris... was referring someone to your site, so thought I'd take a look at it again myself! God.. I wish we had someone like you around 10 years ago. Keep up the great work.... and we love your posts on our facebook sight! Trevor was so impressed by you.... he's been bragging about you and Patrick Donahue ever since!!
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