Consumer safety officials recall cribs that place infants at risk for falling over railings. The crib railings may cause serious injury or death.

Health and safety officials placed a recall on 24,000 cribs (and issued another warning against placing pillows and stuffed animals with additional soft bedding inside babies’ cribs). The recalled cribs were manufactured in Indonesia and imported to the U.S. by Munire Furniture, Inc. between November 2005 and November 2007. There are various model numbers for these cribs. The cribs are sold as the Majestic Curved Top 9500, Majestic Flat Top 9000, Essex 7100, Brighton-Sussex 9100 and Captiva 5100 cribs.

Officials initiated the recall because the cribs do not allow for mattresses to be placed in the lowest position (minimum height 26”) as babies grow, placing older infants and toddlers at risk for falling over the railing.    


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