Danny Platt didn’t want to pay child support so allegedly he killed his son, Ja’Shawn Powell. Who did Platt confide in before committing the murder?

In New Orleans, Danny Platt allegedly had told people he was either going to kill his son or the child’s mother if he had to pay child support. The question remains, with whom did he voice his homicidal ideation?  Did he tell his lawyer? Did he tell this to his family? Who knew he planned to do this? And are they liable for this child’s abuse and death?  

Police report that the murder of this young boy was an extremely hideous murder. News stories report that someone knew he planned to do this. Who are the people that didn’t tell police of Danny Platt’s intent to murder a child or the child’s mother?  News stories report that Platt had not been involved with visitation until now, when he picked the child up recently. Now the child is dead.  

Platt allegedly did not want to pay child support, so he allegedly killed his toddler son. Now taxpayers will be supporting him.   

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