Elisa died on June 27 from severe injuries sustained while beginning work on a highway beautification project. She was exiting from the passenger side of a MDOT van when the vehicle was struck as it was parked on the side of the road. The tragic accident occurred on I-696. The Michigan State Police investigation reveals that the driver of the Ford Excursion that hit Elisa, and others, fell asleep at the wheel. One teen-ager remains hospitalized with serious injuries. Others were injured, but did not sustain serious injuries from the incident.  

Police report that alcohol and drugs was not a factor in the accident. The Oakland County Prosecutors Office will review the matter to determine if charges will be pressed against the 60 year-old driver of the vehicle that hit Elisa and the group she was with. 

Accidents result when one or more drivers are not paying attention. Driving is an important responsibility, as the driver is controlling a machine that weighs thousands of pounds. In the wrong hands, an automobile becomes a deadly weapon. Accidents are more like to occur close to home because drivers are familiar with their environments and feel comfortable enough to allow distractions while driving, such as talking on the phone, adjusting the radio, looking in the mirror, day dreaming or looking through a purse rather than paying attention to the traffic around them. Don’t let your mind get distracted.    

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