We recently posted a blog on Chris Keane's Shaken Baby Syndrome Blog about the tragic death of a two-month-old boy whose father has been charged with child abuse in connection with the fatal incident.  To read more about this incident of wrongful death from abusive head trauma, click here.  

Wrongful death from shaken baby syndrome is something no child should have to suffer, and no caregiver or family member should have to live with the burden that a child’s fatal injuries may have been prevented.  As an advocate for families who have lost children due to shaken baby syndrome and other cases of injury or abuse, Chris Keane expresses his deepest condolences to the family of the baby in this incident.  For free resources and answers to your unique questions regarding wrongful death or shaken baby syndrome, feel free to contact Chris Keane online or at 1-888-592-KIDS.

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