Four month-old girl died from injuries sustained during a house fire in an upper flat of a duplex rental with no working smoke detectors.

In Sheboygan, a father is in critical condition and his infant daughter is dead after jumping out of a second story window during a raging house fire. During the early morning hours of November 21, 2008, police were notified of the smell of smoke in the neighborhood. They quickly located the home on fire and notified the occupants in the lower flat. They were unable to reach the upper flat due to the fire. Shortly after arriving to the burning home, witnesses heard glass breaking and noticed the Isaacson family had jumped from the second story to escape. Witnesses to the tragedy say that the fire engulfed the stairway that Isaacson and Stelling needed to use to escape the house. So the family jumped from the second story window. The residents from the lower flat escaped unharmed.  

According to news stories, the duplex at 2314 Indiana Avenue had no working fire detectors when it caught fire. Neighbors say that Charles Isaacson, Arin Stelling and their daughter Cheyenne Isaacson had just moved in the upper flat of the rental on the previous day. The initial investigation reveals the fire started in the upper flat kitchen which is located between the bedroom and the stairway in the rear part of the home.  

The incidence of house fires increases during the Christmas holiday season. Please make sure you have working fire detectors in your home.  

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