Grieving mother, Sonja Cobb loses son. Young Darnell Cobb choked and died on school bus, no other adult supervision for the children riding on the bus while the bus driver drives the bus

This five year-old boy died on a school bus while on the way home from school. He choked on a small metal tack commonly used in school materials. The bus driver did not have adult assistance on the bus. There were no other adults to supervise the children while the bus driver drove the bus. How much delay was there as this child choked? Are other small children expected to understand when to call for help? And was the driver able to hear their cries while she was driving? How long did it take for this driver to pull over and call for help? Who initiated CPR or tried to manage this child's airway in the meantime?  See the story for details, there are a lot of unanswered questions.

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