In California, Danielle Woodruff lost her life because of a suspected drunk driver. She was on her way to a birthday party when Flores hit her head-on. The accident occurred on Highway 20, west of Plantz Road just before 6:00 p.m., January 14th. Both cars were badly damaged. Danielle was taken to Rideout Memorial Hospital where she died shortly after.  

Though news stories report motor vehicle collisions involving drunk drivers as car “accidents”; there is nothing “accidental” about collisions involving a drunk driving. The distinction should be emphasized. It is common knowledge that when one drives while intoxicated, one runs the high risk of causing motor vehicle collisions and death. This is no accident. Motor vehicle collisions involving intoxicated or impaired drivers should be referred to as “non-accidental motor vehicle collision”.  

A child has died tragically. Her death was preventable. The Keane Law Firm represents children that have been catastrophically injured from negligence. Please call us, the child death law firm for a timely case evaluation at 888-592-KIDS or 415-398-2777.  You may visit our website at – we will determine the facts of the case and file a claim to hold those responsible to pay for the damages. In a child death lawsuit, we will recover for the families of victims. We represent clients nationwide. 

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