In Michigan, Ben Hauswirth, 29 year-old, and Kyle Duncan were arraigned in district court on three counts of conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder-for-hire. Allegedly, Mr. Hauswirth wanted to have his ex-girlfriend and her family killed out of revenge. His girlfriend is the mother to his baby. News stories report that Mr. Hauswirth has been accused by her family of having shaken his baby in September and causing blindness in the baby’s right eye. The investigation reveals that family members say Mr. Hauswirth was jealous about the attention the baby receives.  

New Baltimore Police Department uncovered the murder-for-hire plot by using an undercover detective in the operation.  

With AHT there is up to a 30% mortality rate; if death does not occur, then 50% of the survivors will likely be left with some degree of permanent brain damage, blindness, neuromuscular disability, paralysis, deafness, learning disabilities and/or a seizure disorder with other associated chronic health problems.    

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