In Nebraska, Sitter Gets Prison for Shaking Baby - Shaken Baby Syndrome

The sitter whom reportedly shook Evalee Johnsen, was sentenced Monday to 1 1/2 to 4 years in prison after reportedly pleading no contest to felony child abuse not resulting in serious bodily injury.

The maximum sentence reportedly in place was 5 years.

Also the article reported "Judge David K. Arterburn said probation was not an option. Medical evidence did not support Johnson's claim that she accidentally dropped the child, the judge said, and several doctors testified that the injuries most likely occurred by having been shaken."

Reportedly police stated Pamela A. Johnson, the sitter shook the infant while baby-sitting in February 2010. Johnson who did not have a day-care providers license, reportedly told paramedics she accidentally dropped the child on the stairs in her home. 

Evalee Johnsen will turn 2 on November 16, 2011 and the family plans to celebrate and plan for the future, by taking the anger they have felt and turning it into something positive to make Evalee's life better.

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