Riverside County Sherriff’s Department confirmed that an infant named Keyara Bourdeau has sustained injuries consistent with Shaken Baby Syndrome on August 12, 2008. The infant’s mother, Antoinette Bourdeau is serving in Iraq. Keyara is currently in the care of her aunt Debora Bourdeau. Keyara had been attending Barrett’s Child Care for approximately a month when she went into full arrest while in Connie Barrett’s care. Debora Bourdeau told investigators that she noticed bruises on the Keyara's face after she was picked up from daycare during the course of the month. Aunt Debora also stated that Keyara was eating normally and sleeping normally the morning before her respiratory arrest. On August 12, the baby was transferred emergently to Children’s Hospital of Orange County for respiratory distress and neurological impairment. Daphne Wong, M.D. said the infant had sustained contusions on the face, chest, neck, and thighs with spinal fractures. Dr. Wong also stated that Keyara had suffered bleeding in the brain and eyes.  

News stories report that Patrick Barrett, the seven-year-old son of Connie Barrett, stated he saw his mother, Connie Barrett, spank and slap baby Keyara. Allegedly, he said his mother would cover Keyara’s mouth and yell, “stop it!” He told a social worker that his mother would drop Keyara in the playpen.  

The investigation revealed that two other children have sustained non-accidental injuries in the past two years while at Barrett Family Child Care.  

The healthcare provider will use physical examination, computerized tomography (CT) scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ophthalmologic examination, laboratory tests and skeletal x-rays to check for clinical evidence of Shaken Baby Syndrome.  




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