In Virginia, Steve and Kathy Stowe care for their grandson Jared, a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Jared was only six weeks old at the time he was a victim of severe child abuse known as Shaken Baby Syndrome. His father has been convicted of child neglect. Mr. and Mrs. Stowe have started a foundation and website devoted to educating parents about Shaken Baby Syndrome.  

The Keane Law Firm represents children that are victims of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Please call us for a consultation. 

A child has been severely injured. The Keane Law Firm represents children that have been catastrophically injured from Shaken Baby Syndrome. Please call us, the Shaken Baby law firm for a timely case evaluation at 888-592-KIDS or 415-398-2777.  You may visit our website at – we will determine the facts of the case and file a claim to hold those responsible to pay for the damages to protect the injured child’s future interests. In a Shaken Baby lawsuit, we will recover for pain, suffering, disability, disfigurement, medical bills, hospital bills, home health care costs, rehabilitation costs, nursing care, transportation costs, future lost income and wages, etc…


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