In Iowa, Jacob Weesner, 23 year-old, is charged with one count of child endangerment, suspicion of multiple acts of child endangerment, neglect or abandonment of a dependent person and willful injury. His infant daughter has a non-accidental brain injury.   

Mr. Weesner allegedly admitted to shaking his four-month-old daughter causing traumatic brain injury. His original story to police was that the infant fell off of the bed and was unresponsive. Medical evaluation revealed that the infant has brain injury findings consistent with Shaken Baby Syndrome and child abuse. 

Mr. Weesner, like all persons charged with crimes, is entitled to the presumption of innocence until the state proves all elements of any alleged crime beyond a reasonable doubt.  

Statistically, eighty percent of alleged child abusers do not admit their crime.  People who are proven to be child abusers generally have poor impulse control and unrealistic expectations for their infants and children.  



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