In Florida, Javaurian Vonshae Saffold, 23-year-old man, allegedly confessed that he shook a two month old child. He was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse according to news stories. The Hillsboro County Sherriff’s Office is handling the investigation stemming from the September 24, 2008 tragedy. The baby had sustained a serious brain injury, rib fractures and retinal hemorrhages from being shaken.  

Infants at risk include infants less than one year age, male infants, infants of twin or multiple births, premature infants, infants with health problems and infants that have inconsolable crying spells. Adults at risk for committing abusive acts include adults with poor coping skills, unrealistic expectations, substance abuse, former victims of abuse and adults with mental health problems. Environmental factors that usually culminate in abusive events include social isolation, dysfunctional family characteristics and socio-economic burdens. However, SBS may occur in any setting and it is important to know the signs and symptoms that may be present in an infant or child that may be a victim of SBS.


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