In Texas, Kimberly Robinson, 38 year-old grandmother to Taliyah Banks, was killed while walking with her granddaughter, Taliyah, on the 3900 block of Overton Road in Dallas. Witnesses report that Ellis Haywood, 54 year-old, drove up onto the sidewalk and hit Ms. Robinson and young Taliyah as they were walking. Witnesses were instrumental in making sure Mr. Haywood did not leave the scene of the accident before police arrived.  The tragic accident involving Ms. Robinson and Taliyah Banks occurred on Saturday, October 4, 2008 around 7:30 pm.  

Do not drive impaired. Alcohol, drugs, fatigue, medication, and extreme anxiety are some examples of conditions that impair drivers. You don’t want to injure someone or inflict the worst grief a family can experience-by killing someone, just because you didn’t adjust your social life, wait to drive, get someone else to drive for you or just avoid alcohol before driving. 


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