In Iowa, Donald Legens, Jr., a nine-month-old infant, died today from injuries he sustained when a tow truck hit the vehicle he was in as his dad was filling it with gas. Donald Legens had run out of gas and pulled his SUV to the side of the road. He took his infant son with him to pick up gas and walked back to the truck. When he returned to his truck he placed his son inside the vehicle in his car seat. He was filling his truck with gas when a tow truck hit the vehicle. Witnesses report that the tow truck, allegedly driven by Mark Ikerman, did not stop at the scene of the accident.  

Mark Ikerman, 43 years-old, remains in jail. If convicted Mr. Ikerman faces a possible prison sentence of up to 28 years.  

Children make up 5% of accident fatalities. Nearly 21% of children that are killed in car accidents die from drivers that are operating vehicles while over the legal blood alcohol level.

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