In Wichita, according to news stories six children have died from child abuse in 2008. Noe Barron, Jr., 21-year-old father to a deceased four month-old daughter, faces charges of child abuse. Mr. Barron’s infant daughter was taken emergently to the hospital last week and was found to have injuries consistent with Shaken Baby Syndrome. She passed away. Mr. Barron was arrested by Wichita police. The infant’s mother is not charged in this case. She was not home at the time the emergency arose with her baby. There were two other small children in the home at the time and they have since then been removed to protective services.  

If you suspect child abuse is happening with someone you know or are acquainted with, call the local county Child Protective Service (CPS) hotline and report your suspicions. The CPS social workers will investigate the complaint and your call will remain anonymous. They will not disclose who made the complaint. They have the tools to investigate the child’s environment. You do not need to investigate before you report. Don’t hesitate to call; you may save a life by not waiting.


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