In Hennepin County District Court, Paul Peterson, 20-year-old, pleaded guilty to punching a friend’s pregnant girlfriend in the abdomen with the alleged intention of killing the baby, for money. News stories also report Mr. Peterson will provide testimony implicating his friend, Dameon Gatson in the plot to attack Shyloe Linde at her apartment in an attempt to end her pregnancy. Allegedly Peterson states that Gatson told him he wanted Linde to miscarry because he didn’t want the baby. News stories also report that Gatson offered Peterson $200 for the attack, but actually paid him $40 when it was done.  

New stories report the attack on Ms. Linde occurred in April 2007, whereupon she went into labor and it was discovered that her baby sustained mortal injury from the event. The baby died on May 1, 2007.   

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Jennifer Allyn 12/30/2008 03:44 PM
So I know this case real well!! Dameon Gatson is unfortunately the father of my 4 year old son. This whole thing is so sad! Dameon destroyed so many lifes! First of all Destiny's that poor baby was never asked to be brought into this world then have her so called father and his friend play God and take her life!!! My so now has no father because his dad wanted to take the life of his daughter! Destiny's other brother had to learn at a young age about something horrible! Paul Petersen had just had a baby girl not more then a week before this and will never get to know her father! And because Paul wanted to be Dameons friend so bad he lost his freedom! This whole thing is just soooo sad!!!
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