In Flint, MI, Paul D. Powell, II faces open murder and first-degree child abuse charges for the death of his 8-month-old daughter, Takyra Banks. Mr. Powell was watching his daughter, Takyra, at his grandmother’s home when the tragedy unfolded. Allegedly he shook the baby to death when the baby wouldn’t stop crying. He remains in juvenile lock-up without bond. He will stand trial and if convicted of first-degree murder, he faces automatic life in prison.   

Non-accidental head trauma, including Shaken Baby Syndrome, is the number one cause of death for children in child abuse cases. Adults with the following risk factors are more likely to abuse their infants and children and cause SBS; poor coping skills, unrealistic expectations, substance abuse, former victims of child abuse, mental health problems, social isolation, socio-economically depressed, impoverished and families that suffer with domestic violence issues. Non-biological parents are at increased risk for committing abusive acts. Infants or children with the following risk factors are most likely to be victims of SBS; less than one year of age, infants with health problems and disabilities, twins, or babies of multiple births.

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