Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputies encourage anyone that has concerns about the care their child may have received from Stephanie Spurgeon’s licensed day care service to contact them at the phone numbers below.

Stephanie Spurgeon is charged with one count of aggravated child abuse. She is presently incarcerated at the Pinellas County Jail. Meanwhile, the one-year-old infant she allegedly abused remains hospitalized in serious condition at a local medical center. Ms. Spurgeon owned and operated a licensed day care out of her home. According to investigators, the infant had been left in the care of Ms. Spurgeon for the first time when the infant’s injuries allegedly were sustained. According to news sources, when family members left the infant in the care if Ms. Spurgeon, the infant appeared alert and happy. However, when the family members returned to pick the infant up from the daycare, the infant was nearly unresponsive. The infant was immediately taken to a nearby hospital and observed to have injuries matching Shaken Baby Syndrome.  

Detectives are asking that individuals interested in reporting allegations of child abuse, involving Ms. Spurgeon, to please call Crimes against Children Detectives at 1-727-582-6200 or to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-873-TIPS.   

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Steph's Loyal Supporter 11/17/2008 01:47 PM
I work in the social service industry and have been friends with Stephanie for 13 years. I have loyally served with Stephanie and other mothers providing countless hours of community service for the past 9 years. For the friends of Stephanie and those who know her the best, this is a tragedy all the way around. We are all horrified that an innocent life has been changed forever, that her parents have to suffer the loss of their beautiful daughter and that this dedicated professional caregiver's life is forever ruined. Make no mistake about it, we, including Stephanie, are deeply saddened. But there is no way, never, not ever, that she could ever do something like this. The circumstances are far beyond what has been reported and the snap to judgment is a huge injustice to Stephanie and her family. In the 14 years that I have known her I have NEVER seen anything but patience and love when she interacts with children. It is uncanny how she is able to juggle her multiple community service activities with the daycare and her family. She had one of the fullest and most rewarding lives any of us could hope for. She is a true pillar of the community that has been recognized time and again. She has been a mentor for my own children and even taken them on overnight trips. If I were to have another child, I would be blessed to be able to have her care for my child and so would any parent. This entire situation is more than we can bear. She needs the help of everyone she can right now, including legal representation to clear her flawless record without fear of losing everything her family has worked so hard for. What should also be listed is that anyone with information regarding the parents, grandparents or paramours to call the Sheriff's Office. Any medical professionals that can explain a reasonable timeline or cause of illness to contact the Sheriff's Office – this would be a blessing, and we feel that THIS will be the most accurate revelation of what happened to this little girl. Let our legal system be designed to work as it should and provide fair representation to everyone.
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Denise Smith 11/17/2008 01:47 PM
Stephanie may have a clean record until now, but that doesn't mean that she hasn't abused a child previously in her care. Remember anything is possible!!! Situations like this happens daily and we think that the people we know personally and best would never do anything to harm another human being, but that isn't so. You hear about situations like this daily in the news. It's amazing to me how the first day the child had ever been in a day care goes home severely injured and had to be rushed to the hospital after being picked up from Stephanie's home day care. Stephanie will not receive any sympathy or support anyone close to this situation that knows the victims family. JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!!!
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a palmer 01/30/2009 10:46 PM
I as well have know Stephanie and her family for several years. I served on the HOA board with her and was truly amazed at how she day in and day out showed such compassion to all those children. I had been in her home on several unannounced occasions and never ever saw anything that would depict this type of situation. Everyone must truly remember that she is innocent until proven guilty and some of the facts of the baby's family has not truly been exposed. If this was truly an unbiased investigation why hasn't more information been exposed regarding the babies family?? Over these past several years as far back as Susan Smith who drowned her two children I would say that most of these abuse situations were based in the children's home.
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