Shopping Cart Injuries: Leading Causes of Child Head & Brain Injuries

We recently added a post to our Child Brain Injury Blog about child brain injuries caused by falls from shopping cartsTo read more about one of the leading causes of head injuries in young children and why you should refrain from putting your child in a shopping cart seat if possible, click here

You may have a legal case if your child has sustained a head, brain, or another type of injury after falling from a cart.  If you need assistance finding medical experts for your child or have questions about a specific incident, do not hesitate to contact child injury attorney Chris Keane.  The Keane Law Firm can provide you with important information regarding standards for warning labels, child restraint systems, and seat buckles on shopping carts.  We will also freely provide you with other resources concerning head and brain injuries, other types of child injuries, and how to obtain treatment with the best physicians for your child.

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